Giants vs a Giant God!

"And David said, "The LORD who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine." And Saul said to David, "Go, and may the LORD be with you."

I Samuel 17:36

I want to introduce you to Sis. Johnson. She was very, very special. If there is anything that could be said of her life, it was that she was faithful. She served faithfully in all her days. She was a great traveling companion. She never complained and simply did her best on every occasion. She wasn't the most attractive, yet her attributes made her very beautiful. She wasn't the most gifted but was extremely dependable. She did not come from the best pedigree but she was very proud and rich in her own special way. She was simply the best car a person could ever have. Yes, that's right a car! She was the last car purchased by my mother before she went to glory.

It was about 1989, my mother squandered up this brilliant idea to sell her brand new blue Oldsmobile Delta 88 to have a burgundy one built from scratch. Why? Only God knows. At any rate, she obviously new something I did not know. She told the mechanic exactly what she wanted. The mechanic, such a wonderful man, proceeded with the plan. He began to search junk yard after junk yard after junk yard until he found all the parts necessary to build my mother's dream car. Weeks went by and then on a hot summer day in July, my mother was presented with her new (old) car built from salvage material from the junk yard.   Freshly painted. New tires. A workhorse engine. The car was completed. Yes! A car built from junk. Under the car description on the title, it reads salvaged.

  By now you are wondering how the car performed. Well, my mother drove that car everyday with minimal mechanical issues for 13 years. She kept good tires on it, fresh oil in it and the gas tank filled with gas. She drove it to work. She drove it to church. She drove it to the store. She even took out of town trips.   Sis. Johnson, even outlived my mother. After my mother's departure to glory, I inherited Sis. Johnson and drove her an additional 7 years. Well, on one particular occasion I asked my mother, Mom, are you going to drive that car on this long trip? She boldly, replied, I sure am. I am going to get the oil changed, put some gas in it and me and the Lord are going to hit the highway.   Those were her exact words. It was that day I learned a very valuable lesson. That lesson was that faith in God goes a lot further than faith in anything else but it takes a person convinced of God to see Him work in life. Here it is, a car made from junk, was not enough to deter my mother's faith in God.   How do you face obstacles that are bigger than you? How do you handle situations that you deal with because nobody else will? Do you trust God in doing right when it is so easy to not trust Him and do something else?  

David shows the same faith commitment to God. He is faced with the challenge of fighting Goliath, a physical giant over 9 feet tall, who wore armor weighing about 125 pounds and carried a spear of 15 pounds in weight. On the other hand, David is a small, ruddy little fellow, with no military experience and to make matters worse he only had in his possession a shepherd's bag, a sling shot, a stick and 5 smooth stones. You do the math, a sword versus a sling shot. Goliaths sword was heavier than all David's weapons put together. But David while weak in gear is extremely strong in God. Look at his words, the LORD who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine. David said, I only have pawand lion experience but God will defeat your hands too. While David is not very experience in military warfare he is faithful and confident in spiritual warfare. This is proven when he declares that Goliath's taunting was an attack against David's God, (v. 36).   Many times in life, God wants us and puts us in situations where the odds stand against us in order to show us who really is fighting for us.

What experiences do you have that God can use to accomplish His will? Maybe it is only a high school education. Maybe it is only a caring heart. Maybe it is only a willing spirit. Maybe it is only a strong prayer life. Is your challenge big like Goliath? Whatever it is, God can use your menial experiences to accomplish great things for His glory. All you really need is a complete confidence that God fights for those who stand for Him. Today, maximize your complete confidence in God to tackle any great size reality you are facing and rest in the fact that God will deliver.