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Our Ministry Mission 

The Couples for Christ Marriage ministry is designed to aid and support couples, young and seasoned, in their continued commitment of fulfilling God’s design of a healthy and vibrant marital relationship.
How serious is God about marriage?
Very serious – “til death do we part.” While marriage has the benefits of companionship, sexual union, and procreation, its primary purpose, which we discover in Genesis, is to fully supply all that is needed for mankind to carry out the charge of “dominion.” That is, God delegating to mankind the full responsibility of managing His earthly creation. Healthy, biblical based marriages make this possible.

Our intent is to help both husband and wife understand that marriage is a covenant union designed to strengthen their capacity to rule the sphere in which God has placed them.

Activities and events are thoughtfully crafted, enabling couples to fulfill God’s purpose for marriage while finding hope, healing and new joy in their God-ordained union. In this ministry, couples become steeped in:

  • God’s Plan for Marriage
  • Healthy Communication
  • Understanding Biblical Roles in Marriage
  • Biblically based Conflict Resolution
  • Healthy Family Dynamics
  • The Joys and Challenges of Marriage
  • Financial Health and Legacy

Recurring Events

Monthly Fellowship
Every 3rd Sunday at 9:00 am